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Introducing Mann Microphones

Mann Microphone model MT21The Mann microphone company was conceived in 1992 by a group of audio engineers and technicians in order to create a small range of special purpose tube microphones not commercially available at that time.

An intimate knowledge of vacuum tube characteristics and idiosyncratic behavior between tubes and audio transformers led to a number of innovative designs built as one off models for particular projects.

The first model produced in quantity was the Mann MT31. A double diaphragm multi pattern tube microphone, designed to overcome the sonic weaknesses inherent in some of the early digital recording formats.

Lessons learnt from the MT31 led to a simplified single diaphragm solid state FET version, coupled to an audio transformer output was released as the M21. The unique component matching and attention to detail of the design gave the M21 extraordinary warmth and dynamic range while retaining excellent noise figures and unprecedented uniformity of frequency response. In fact when it comes to quality control, a lab frequency sweep of any random sample of Mann microphones will show almost identical results. Variations are almost undetectable, showing Mann electronics at the forefront of industry performance where it counts.

The next product was the MT91 Tube condenser. This product represented the zenith of contemporary tube design. It was an extension of the MT31 concept with a number of additions to extend its capabilities.

The MT91 has been widely praised not only for its sonic quality but also its versatility. Stringed instruments, female vocals and the subtleties of adding soloists to an orchestral recording without distracting harmonic aberrations, are made an uncomplicated activity.

Most recently, the M11 compact condenser has been added to the range. Considerable input from both live sound reinforcement and studio engineers have influenced this amazingly versatile full condenser.

Mann still makes one off hand made microphones. The MT101 is a hand assembled model using hard to get English vacuum tubes and "old style" wire wound resistors. These are special order, come with full lab analysis data and can be "tuned" to your requirements.


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